South Africa Monetary Vouchers


R 50,00

50 Rand Monetary

Treat someone you love to an experience of splendid luxury and stylish pleasure at any of Red Carnation’s hotels in South Africa with this flexible R50 gift voucher.

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R 100,00

100 Rand Monetary Voucher

Share your love of the unique Red Carnation experience with friends and relatives.  This flexible R100 voucher, redeemable at any of our award winning family run properties in South Africa, is sure to be gratefully received.

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R 500,00

500 Rand Monetary Voucher

The Red Carnation experience is just too good to keep to yourself – and it’s so easy to share with one of these flexible R500 vouchers, redeemable at any of our properties in South Africa.  

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R 1 000,00

1000 Rand Monetary Voucher

Your family and friends will love receiving these flexible R1000 vouchers.  Redeemable at any of our South African based properties they are the perfect gift for those who take pleasure from the finer things in life.

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R 2 000,00

2000 Rand Monetary Voucher

Invite your family and friends to discover the exclusive world of Red Carnation Hotels. This flexible voucher, redeemable at any of our South African properties, will introduce them to a host of magical experiences they’re sure to love. 

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